SVG Render 0.7

Rendering of SVG animations in browser. You can download the XPI file here.

2016-05-23: New version

This is an old version of SVG render. New version was made - and it's cross browser compatible


Svg render is currently not maintained and it does not work with actual version of Firefox browser.
You may be able to get it working with Firefox 17 - download the portable version here.


SVG renderer is Firefox plugin that converts SVG images and SVG animations into raster image(s) and/or video files.


SVGis truly a great format for vector graphics. It is a XML format - which allows you to use a bunch of universal tools (such as DTD, XSLT, XPath) on it. Also it's backed up (and standartized) by W3C itself. One of the best open source vector editors - Inkscape uses SVG as its default format - and it's quite intuitive to write the SVG XML code by hand.
SVG is supported by all last versions of major browsers and could be used to replace Flash.
And - what's more - SVG supports animations conveniently written in the same XML fashion. Sadly there are only few WYSIWYG SVG editors which would sufficiently support animations - one of them could be Synfig Studio with some plugin
For more information about SVG see Wikipedia
Apart from this lack of WYSIWYG editors there is also lack of SVG animation conversion solutions - typically something that could convert SVG to PNG or other raster image formats; when it comes to animations (e.g. convert SVG to AVI) the situation is even more dismal.
One of the projects is Apache foundation Java SVG toolkit Batik. But this program is sometimes unable to render our SVG images or animations properly.

Another approach

The most convenient way to display SVG is probably a web browser - and current versions of browsers are in the top in proper interpretation of SVG standard. What if we use the browser itself to rasterize SVG images and animations?
I gave it few days - and first version of Firefox extension that uses browser to convert SVG images to PNGs and SVG animations to AVI/MPEG movie is here.
Please excuse the backlogs in this extension - and mail them on svgrender at adasek dot cz! On the end of this page is TODO list - problems that I will improve if is this extension seem to be useful for others.


How to use

Navigate to svg image (e.g. or file:///C:/animation.svg ). In Firefox main menu click "Tools" and there "Render SVG".

Window should appear.

Known bugs / TODO

This extension is currently in beta version.


"No SVG element found" message box

Open in the browser the .svg file alone. You can usually find its adress in the source code.

Rendering stuck on "Starting..."

See if the last bug isn't the case; try to slightly modify SVG file (its header). Send me svgrender at adasek dot cz the svg file and relevant js error console messages.

No video is rendered

Check your ffmpeg executable, additional parameters (try empty). Try another output extension.
If everything else fails, you should be able to make video manually with ffmpeg from rendered pngs. Use %7d.png as input imagess.

Version history